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Brewster Leads the Way


Kate Scott

Air Date

4th October, 2013 (UK)

4th December, 2013 (Canada)

Previous Episode

The Old Silver Mine Line

Next Episode

Park Patroller Wilson

Brewster Leads the Way is the eleventh episode of Season 4.


The Chuggineers are digging a new tunnel. Zack sets Brewster the task of taking the heavy tunnel boring machine to the site. He is given a team of Wilson, Calley, Harrison, Olwin and Chatsworth. On the journey, Calley gets taken away to help a chugger. Chatsworth overheats and Harrison runs out of fuel, Olwin takes them to the repair shed. Then Wilson is taken away to do a job. Old Puffer Pete rounds up Hodge, Zephie, Piper, Hoot and Toot to help. They cannot push the machine, so Brewster makes them sing a song so they push together, like Zack does. They soon get the tunnel boring machine to the site.



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