Chug Patrol: Ready to the Rescue


Sarah Ball

Air Date

26th August 2013 (UK)

15th October 2013 (Canada)

20th October 2013 (US)

Previous Episode

Brewster's Crane Training

Next Episode

Stop Koko Stop!

Next Special

The Chuggineers: The Big Dig

Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue is a special episode. It acts as the Season 4 premiere and aired in the UK on August 26th 2013.


Wilson, Koko and Brewster are moving up to the next level of training! In Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue, the first ever, super-sized special, Wilson takes on new challenges and makes daring rescues as the newest member of Chuggington's emergency rescue squad. Koko and Brewster join in on the new adventures as do new characters Chug Patrol Chief Jackman and super-speedy Hanzo!

It's Wilson, Brewster and Koko's first day to try out their new advanced training gear. They head up to Rocky Ridge, where Koko and Brewster go into the mine and Wilson stays back to try out Chug Patrol 1, a mobile crane car. He feels a shake on the ground and a wagon rolls away from him. While trying to stop the wagon, Wilson derails. Meanwhile, Brewster and Koko are in the mine when they feel the tremble. It knocks some stones onto the tracks which derail Koko and leave her dangling over an edge. Skylar then rescues Wilson and tells him he thinks the tremble came from Rocky Ridge Mine, when Wilson remembers that Brewster and Koko are down there. Wilson races to the rescue and saves Koko just before the mine collapses!

Then Emery breaks down in the forest and Chug Patroller Wilson uses his new skills to locate Emery with the aid of a flare and gets him back on track with a huge crane. Wilson proves that he's in control and ready to roll.



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