Chuggington is a fictional city and the setting of the series. It was once an older place, but was left and moved to a more technology-friendly place.

New Chuggington.

  • New Chuggington is a futuristic-type place which is more friendly to electric and diesel engines. It is the current setting of the stories.
  • Many Stations, Yards and Fun Places to Stay there.

Old Chuggington.

  • Old Chuggington is more steam-friendly. It had steam powered turntables, a whistle, and an old style clocktower.
  • Old Puffer Pete, Olwin, and Speedy McAllister used to live there, as well as some engines who moved to Tootington.
  • Old Chuggington is now know as "Old Town".
  • Chuggers can still visit here from New Chuggington.
  • Pete often tells stories about it.
  • There is an old ice cave from the days of steam that Speedy McAllister often visits and also used to visit.


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