Chuggington Interactive Railway is a range of Chuggington trains that talk to their friends, themselves and Chuggers and react to train stops! The range was available in the UK, Canada, United States and Austrailia, but is now discontinued. Probably due to newer engines coming out, and older engines not having their names recorded in them. It started in August 19th, 2011 and discontinued in March 29th, 2013


Generation 1

Generation 2

Multi Packs

  • Irving and Recycling Car
  • Cargo Cars
  • Dunbar and Flatbed
  • Calley and Rescue Car
  • Zephie and Passenger Car


  • Safari Park
  • Trainee Roundhouse with Vee
  • Rock Quarry with Hopper Car
  • Repair Shed
  • Chug Wash


  • All Around Chuggington Set
  • Bridge and Tunnel Starter Set
  • Old Puffer Pete's Steam Around Old Town Set
  • Koko and the Tunnel Set
  • Wash and Fuel Set
  • Wilson and Dunbar Starter Set
  • Brewster's Hard at Work Playset
  • Brewster and Vee's Roundhouse Playset
  • Wilson and Chatsworth Starter Set
  • Braking Brewster Set
  • Wilson's Lift and Load Set
  • Safari Park Set
  • Wilson's Deluxe Loading Yard Playset

Track Packs

  • Straight and Curved Track Pack
  • Elevated Track Pack


  • When someone's being silly/says something silly, someone says the chugger is being silly.
    • Goof: Mtambo says "Silly Irving!" and Frostini says "Silly super chugger!".
  • If you had another Chugger that you already have, a Chugger can talk to (him/her)self.
  • Chuggers from both generations can make tunes with their horns/whistles/bells.
  • An old chugger (like Wilson, Brewster or Dunbar) can interact with a new chugger, but old chuggers don't respond to the Steam Aroound Old Town playset.
  • Koko has the same horn sound as Irving.


Let's ride the rails! - Wilson

This chugger is departing. - Emery

Time to put up your wheels! - Koko

Let's practise buckling up. - Chatsworth

Let's race. Of course I'll win. - Harrison

Hey! Who likes Action Chugger? - Brewster

Ice cream delivery! - Frostini

Silly Irving! - Irving

Wheeeeeee! - Zephie

Wheels to the rails! - Speedy McAllister

My name is Mtambo. I'll be your guide. - Mtambo

Always training. - Old Puffer Pete

Let's get to work! - Dunbar



Chuggington Interactive Railway -- All Around Chuggington Set00:31

Chuggington Interactive Railway -- All Around Chuggington Set

All Around Chuggington Set

Steam Around Old Town -- Chuggington Interactive00:34

Steam Around Old Town -- Chuggington Interactive

Old Puffer Pete's Steam Around Old Town Set

All Around the World of Chuggingtion Interactive Toys01:21

All Around the World of Chuggingtion Interactive Toys

Chuggington Interactive BRIDGE & TUNNEL STARTER SET & Brewster01:58

Chuggington Interactive BRIDGE & TUNNEL STARTER SET & Brewster

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