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Chuggington Interactive Railway is a range of Chuggington trains that talk to themselves and Chuggers and react to train stops! The range was available in the UK, Canada, United States and Austrailia, but is now discontinued. Probably due to newer engines coming out, and older engines not having their names recorded in them. 


Multi Packs

  • Irving and Recycling Car
  • Cargo Cars
  • Dunbar and Flatbed
  • Calley and Rescue Car
  • Zephie and Passenger Car


  • Safari Park
  • Trainee Roundhouse with Vee
  • Rock Quarry with Hopper Car
  • Repair Shed
  • Chug Wash


  • All Around Chuggington Set
  • Bridge and Tunnel Starter Set
  • Old Puffer Pete's Steam Around Old Town Set
  • Koko and the Tunnel Set
  • Wash and Fuel Set
  • Wilson and Dunbar Starter Set
  • Brewster's Hard at Work Playset
  • Brewster and Vee's Roundhouse Playset
  • Wilson and Chatsworth Starter Set
  • Braking Brewster Set
  • Wilson's Lift and Load Set
  • Safari Park Set
  • Wilson's Deluxe Loading Yard Playset

Track Packs

  • Straight and Curved Track Pack
  • Elevated Track Pack



thumb|290px|left|All Around Chuggington Setthumb|290px|right|Old Puffer Pete's Steam Around Old Town Set thumb|290px|left

Chuggington Interactive BRIDGE & TUNNEL STARTER SET & Brewster01:58

Chuggington Interactive BRIDGE & TUNNEL STARTER SET & Brewster

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