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Welcome to the Chuggington Wikia!

Chuggington is a british CGI series which originally aired on BBC UK since 2008 and Treehouse TV Canada since 2009. It airs in 150 different countries since its British debut. Our Wikia has over 294 articles about Chuggington and Chuggington related subjects. This includes the Chuggers, Episodes, Merchandise and DVD releases.

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"This page is impressive -- I've never seen it before. From myself and all of the crew at Chuggington HQ, we really appreciate your support as fan. Please stay in touch!" - Dana from Chuggington HQ'

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WilsonKokoBrewsterDunbarOld Puffer PeteCalleyHodgeZephieHarrisonChatsworthEmeryIrvingMtamboOlwinFrostiniAction ChuggerSpeedy McAllisterHoot and TootSkylarPiperDeckaMinor Locomotives

VeeEddieMorganLoriDr. LingVickiDr. GoslingMayor PullmanMr. Simpkins • The Inspector • Jenny • Action Chugger's Film Crew • Emery's Passengers • LindaAnimals in Chuggington


Featured Article
Back Up Brewster is the 7th episode from Season 4.

Brewster is learning to use the mega-chug crane, but his training time is cut short when they are called away to fix some damage in a mine tunnel. As they cross the old rickety bridge it collapses, leaving Zack stranded on the other side. How will they ever reach him? Brewster has an idea. The chuggers help him transport the mega-chug crane up the steep mountain. It's a tough challenge and they nearly don't manage it, but Brewster is determined. He uses all his crane skills to lift Zack safely out of the high tunnel. Zack could not be prouder of his trainee. To find out more, click here

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until the Explorer Koko DVD is released in the USA.


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