Sacha Dhawan (UK), Trevor White (US)

Eddie is a mechanic in Chuggington.


Eddie is kind and eager to do things. He works in the Repair Shed. Eddie can be foolish and cheeky at times. Sometimes, he cracks a joke, but Eddie is very helpful. His partner's name is Hodge. Eddie doesn't fix chuggers. He fixes things around Chuggington. Eddie is sometimes late, as revealed in Late Again, Eddie!, but even though he is late, or clumsy, Eddie is a good mechanic. Eddie always wear a blue shirt with an oil stain, a black waistcoat and a yellow cap. Eddie also has brown hair.


  • He used to live with his parents, but from Late Again, Eddie! on, he lives in a caboose.
  • He is usually late, but when got a caboose to live in, he hasn't been late ever since. The only exception is in Hodge Sails Away, due to the windy weather that slowed Emery down (the chugger Eddie usually rides in to arrive to Chuggington).
  • He seems a bit younger than Morgan.
  • He has a permanent stain on his shirt (most likely grease).
  • His vest is black but in Season 2- it is orange.