Honking horns! This page contains major spoilers about recently released or future content. Caution is advised.

First Responder Calley is the first episode of Season 5. It aired in the US on March 6 2015.


Everyone in Chug Patrol has their own special job, Jackman's crane and he is the chief, Wilson is the trainee, and Asher is the fire chugger. Calley feels that she doesn't have a special job. When Wilson and Asher miscommunicate, and Harrison is waiting for hours, Jackman says they need a first responder. He'll hold tests the next day. Calley asks Payce for help using the speed car. The next day, Calley fails the speed test because she is bad with the speed car. Until Jackman says that the test is the best of 3! Now's her chance! She completes the other 2 tests quickly and correctly. Calley finally has her own special job!


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