"And you can LEAVE that jiggy thing behind this time!"
— Irving, Koko Pulls it Off

Irving is a medium-sized dark red diesel engine who handles the recycling chores around Chuggington.


Irving handles the recycling and garbage. He has a recycling area off of the main depot. Irving may look a little snappish, but he can be very helpful to others. He's an adult chugger with a perfectionist streak. He is also very proud of his work at the Recycling Center, and boasts that nothing is ever thrown away in Chuggington. He often speaks in third person, and is strict when things go bad.


Irving is based on a Beilhack Rotary Snowblower, minus the plow on the front and modified with sweepers.


  • He likes to keep things neat and tidy.
  • Can be strict
  • His head is smaller in comparison to his eyes, making them appear larger
  • He has obsessive-compulsive disorder, in regards to cleanliness and order.
  • In German he is called Erwin, in Hebrew he is called שלמה, in Polish, he is called Iwo.
  • He can be unkind to other trainees and chuggers.
  • He always wants everything to be neat and tidy.
  • Irving and Old Puffer Pete are the only two chuggers with glasses.
    • Also, both Irving and Pete are voiced by Paul Panting in the UK dub.


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