Jazwares is the current Master Toy Licensee of Chuggington, as of May 2016. They produce the current Chuggington toy range, consisting of "Little Chuggers" and the "Connectrax" system, which are compatible with Wooden Railway and other preschool toy trains systems.

As of May 2018, the line has currently halted production.

Little Chuggers

2-Car Chuggers

Exclusive Chuggers

  • Chug Patrol Wilson
  • Chug Wash Wilson
  • Safari Wilson (based on Chug-o-Flage)
  • Giraffe Car
  • Elephant Car
  • Mtambo
  • Safari Brewster
  • Chug Patrol Jackman
  • Hodge (unreleased)


  • Chug Wash (with Chug Wash Wilson)
  • Repair Shed (with Hodge)
  • Chug Patrol HQ (with Chug Patrol Jackman)
  • Safari Park Deluxe Track (with Safari Brewster)
  • Movie Set (with Action Chugger) (unreleased)
  • Starter Track Pack (with Chug Patrol Wilson)
  • Deluxe Track Pack
  • Rescue Deluxe Track

Theme Packs

  • Safari Adventure (Safari Wilson, Mtambo, Giraffe Car, Elephant Car)
  • Rescue Pack (Chug Patrol Calley and Asher, CP1, CP3)

Motorized (unreleased)

  • Wilson
  • Brewster
  • Koko
  • Jackman
  • Hanzo
  • Old Puffer Pete and Coal Wagon


  • The line was first announced in May 2016, a few months after Ludorum ended their partnership with TOMY. The initial launch toys were revealled during the Fall of 2016.
  • The line was first released in Ukraine, Russia, and other countries first during early 2016, then launched at Walmarts in the US with the "Little Chuggers" assortment in February 2016. The line soft-launched as launched in the UK during Easter 2016. A second wave of the "Little Chuggers" assortment emerged in January 2018, with new products like the Chug Patrol HQ being released in the same countries as the early 2016 launch.
  • Jazwares also has/have produced toys based on Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train and Sonic the Hedgehog, properties TOMY has/had also made toys for.


Little Chuggers

2-Car Chuggers

Exclusive Chuggers

Playsets and Packs