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Tornado locomotive


Eve Bentley (UK/US)

First Apperence

Season 3, Toot's New Friend

Piper is a new engine that first appeared in Season 3. She is the sixth trainee in the Series.


On her first day, she was crowded by all the chuggers as Morgan got her to work. When she started working, Toot was given the job of touring her round Chuggington. Toot wasn't happy with Piper as Piper was taking her space in the Trainee Roundhouse, so went off quickly so Piper would get lost in the depot. As soon as Hoot came back from a run, Toot realised how mean she had been and quickly befriended her. Piper announced to the twins that she wanted to stay in the same roundhouse as Hoot and Toot.

Later, she started training. Old Puffer Pete was teaching her to use her coupler. She struggle with it and thought that she would never be able to do it. Later, she went in the Chug-Wash and got covered in pink bubbles. She ran away from Wilson. When she realised she couldn't stop on the mountain, Wilson grabbed her and stopped on a sandbed. Which he had struggled to do earlier. Skylar said that everyone had learnt something that day, even little Piper.


Piper is very young and that makes her very inexperienced. She struggles to train, but if she tries very hard, she can do it in the end. She is quite disobedient and doesn't do what she is told. Which she sooner put right when she went up and down the mountain. She is very friendly to younger chuggers and is very forgiving, like when Toot left her in the busy depot .


Season 3

Season 4


  • Piper is the youngest steam engine in Chuggington.
  • She is the only steam engine that hasn't lived in the old town of Chuggington.


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