Season 5

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May 2015 (UK)

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Honking horns! This page contains major spoilers about recently released or future content. Caution is advised.

Season 5 of Chuggington is due to air on 18th May 2015 in the UK.


  1. First Responder Calley - Calley worries that she doesn't have a specialty, but she proves she is great all-rounder.
  2. Sinkhole Rescue - Brewster is trapped when he falls into a sinkhole.
  3. Cormac Patrol - Cormac finds himself with nothing to do until the Chug Patrollers need rescuing.
  4. Trainee Camp - The trainees go to a camp to learn to work as a team and acquire new skills.
  5. Tour Guide Harrison - Harrison must devise a special tour of Chuggington to pass his tour guide test.
  6. Delivery Challenge - Cormac challenges Old Puffer Pete to a delivery contest.
  7. Koko Express - Koko learns that being careful and quick is the trick to being an express courier train.
  8. Skipper Stu and the Steam Crane - When the docks' crane breaks down, Skipper Stu must find another way to load the ship
  9. Chug Patrol Chief - In sub-zero temperatures, Jackman must find a way to get fuel from the inaccessible docks.
  10. Fletch Shines - Fletch repairs the lighthouse by himself and discovers that being in charge is hard.




  • This season is just 10 episodes long, making it the shortest season so far.