The Speed Fleet
Speed is key!


Hanzo (Leader) and Koko (Trainee)

Purpose and Aims

To deliver passengers all around Chuggington on time.

Started/Founded in

Season 4

The Speed Fleet is a team that escorts passengers and they take pride on delivering them on record time at the fastest time possible, hence the name "Speed Fleet". It is a surprisingly small group; the members only being Hanzo and Koko. The team is led by Hanzo.


The Chug-a-Sonic Speed Track is where Hanzo and Koko usually train. It is a speed race circuit with a timer to clock the time of a chugger.


Hanzo: The respectable and honourable leader of the Speed Fleet.

Koko: The trainee of the group, she is a mischievous and confident student, although she frequently gets discouraged by her mistakes, her "sensei" Hanzo is always there to give her advice and support.

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