Best of Chuggington

Release Date

November 27th, 2012





The Best of Chuggington is a Canadian DVD release.


Honk your horns – Toot! Toot! Welcome to the exciting world of Chuggington where eager engines Wilson, Koko and Brewster are learning to become working trains. Join these three young chuggers on their adventures, fun and excitement on the rails. Throughout each traintastic episode, the trainees embark on different adventures where they learn to ride the rails of life and explore Chuggington, a safe and exciting world. Each episode is designed to teach simple, yet important, social-emotional lessons that help preschoolers prepare for their early learning years. The Best of Chuggington is a compilation of the best episodes voted by viewers!


Special Features

  • Chuggington Traintastic Adventures Map
  • Collectible Cards


  • This is the first DVD to be released in Canada only.
  • The episodes on the DVD were voted by fans of the show.
  • This is the first Chuggington DVD to be shown in theatres in Canada.

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