The ice cave

The Ice Cave is an old cave full of ice at the bottom of Rocky Ridge Mine. It first appeared in Season 2 episode Frostini's Meltdown. Before then, it hadn't been used since the Glory Days of Steam.

In it's first appearance, Speedy and Frostini came down to gather some ice to chill the ice cream while the Ice Cream Factory had a powercut. Some careless cutting by Frostini led to the ice cave coming down on them and trapping the two chuggers. Frostini then had the idea that Speedy should melt the ice with his steam. It worked and the Chuggers were free to get home.

In another appearance, Wilson and Koko were sent to sand the Mountain line while it was snowing. Wilson and Koko decided to start at the top of the mountain so they went through the mine and stumbled on the cave. Wilson left his sand lid up and his sand got wet from the melting ice. As a result, it clogged up the wagon couldn't be dispensed on the track. Koko, who was unaware of this carried on and accidently left Wilson. Wilson then used his engine to heat his truck and evapourated the water from the sand and it was left dry. He then went off to sand the rest of his line before Olwin was due for her train.


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