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    All About Vee

    June 15, 2012 by Banjotophamhatt

    Hello Chuggers! I mean, Users of Chuggington Wiki, as we know all about the characters on Chuggington, we forget how many mysteries Vee has. Vee is an announcer who talks by a large pole with two megaphones on top. also, she has three small lights like a traffic light above the megaphones so, who Vee is?

    Well, Everyone who watch Chuggington may have this question, Our Excellent admin JRCS posted a poll on the main page of the wiki this month, and the poll is; should Vee be replaced. I voted no. there a many options on this poll and I have the honor to present my reviews about the options.

    • No: I voted on this option, but sincerely, I want her to be like Sir Topham Hatt, always tell the things for the engines without megaphones like Captain St…
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