Hello Chuggers! I mean, Users of Chuggington Wiki, as we know all about the characters on Chuggington, we forget how many mysteries Vee has. Vee is an announcer who talks by a large pole with two megaphones on top. also, she has three small lights like a traffic light above the megaphones so, who Vee is?

Well, Everyone who watch Chuggington may have this question, Our Excellent admin JRCS posted a poll on the main page of the wiki this month, and the poll is; should Vee be replaced. I voted no. there a many options on this poll and I have the honor to present my reviews about the options.

  • No: I voted on this option, but sincerely, I want her to be like Sir Topham Hatt, always tell the things for the engines without megaphones like Captain Star and Captain Zero from TUGS or poles with megaphones like Vee.
  • Yes, by a new human: No, just if is Sarah Ball (creator of Chuggington).
  • Yes, by a new machine: dunno, What type of Machine? a megaphone fixed on a building, like the Star Fleet's megaphone on TUGS?
  • Yes, by a new chugger: No, chuggers can't be controllers. one, because it's not his job and two, the other chuggers will not accept him as a controller.
  • Yes, by an Existing Chugger: I will say no, but there's some experienced chuggers like Calley, Dunbar and Skylar, but as I said, Chuggers can't be controllers.




Some users who have mst knowledge of Chuggington (like CalleyFan and JCRS) don't know where Vee works, even though her model can be seen in many places, she have an control tower or a office with panoramic view for watch all around Chuggington, maybe, she uses cameras for watch when Chuggers arrive next to one of her models or watch how the chuggers are doing the jobs. so, Vee's body has been never seen, but let's use the imagination and see how she looks like, in my opinion, she looks like Sarah Ball, Chuggington's creator, for you, how she looks like?


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