Chuggington Remake04:17

Chuggington Remake

Chuggington Remakes04:43

Chuggington Remakes

As you might now, I have a YouTube series called "Chuggington Remakes" where I read a Chuggington book narrated to puppeted Chuggington Wooden trains. I will post the first two in this blog, as for the third is yet to appear. My camera is on the shops after a lense error, so it might be a while.

Anyway, here is the episode list:

  1. Brewster's Little Helper
  2. The Chugger Championship
  3. Koko on Call
  4. Clunky Wilson
  5. Can't Catch Koko
  6. Braking Brewster
  7. Wake Up Wilson!
  8. Koko and the Tunnel

This is for season 1, Season Two will probrobly include:

  • Brewster Goes Bananas
  • Wilson and the Dinosaur
  • Mtambo's Amazing Adventure
  • Training Time, Harrison
  • Pete's Firebox
  • Frostini's Fruit Fandango

I will try to get S1 done by February.

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