As you all know as of tonight, it is the fifth night of Hannukah. It is also Christmas Eve. It's one of those rare times when Hannukah goes over Christmas, so I guess this year we can say "Happy Hannumas"?

But as we open our presents on Hannukah each night and as we light the menorah, we have to remember the true meaning of Hannukah, which is when oil that was only meant to burn for 1 day, burned for 8. It was a miracle.

I don't celebrate Christmas, but I know many of you do, so as you open your Christmas presents and do whatever you do over Christmas Eve, think about the true meaning as well, Christ's birthday, family, and genourosity.

Have a great Holiday Season everyone, and here at Chuggington Wiki, we wish the best!

Breakdown Chugger Coming Through! Talk 14:48, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

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