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    Wilson and Piper

    April 14, 2012 by Daniel34121

    this is my second episode


    one day at chuggington,hoot and toot tell wilson and frostini that a new engine named piper was going to came to chuggington,wilson was very excited,when piper arrives wilson saw that piper was very dirty,so wilson told that to vee and she said to wilson that he had to gave a shower to piper,when wilson saw piper,wilson tried to take piper to the wash but piper run away,wilson told to pete and he went with wilson to found piper,wilson said sorry to piper for the form that wilson tried to hook piper but piper learned that take a shower is not bad,so piper want to take a wash and he became friend of wilson,and the day finished good.



    hoot and toot

    old puffer pete







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  • Daniel34121

    eddie feel bad because his house didn't had many space,hodge was very sad for eddie,so he went around chuggington to search a house for eddie,first he went to morgan's house,but morgan didn't have more space in his house,he asked wilson,brewster and koko if they know a house unoccupied but they didn't know,eddie was very sad,he make the same that hodge,and he went with zephie to search a house but he didn't found anything.

    hodge was very worried but then he found an old wagon in a siding,he was very happy,brewster arrives there,the wagon was broken but they called morgan to repaired the wagon,so morgan went to the workshops on calley and he repaired the old wagon,hodge went to his shed,eddie was there,hodge said that he had surprise to edd…

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