Decka the Star is the first episode of Season 1 of my fan made Chuggington Series!

One day Vee tells the chuggers and trainees that Calley will be away for a while and that only experianced chuggers can do runs so they have a less likely chance of breaking down. That makes Koko upset because she wants to do work. Koko tells Irving that Speedy took his load instead. Koko has plans of her own and she sets off with Irving's load. Koko goes very fast! Brewster is driving down the track and Koko bumps into him and he falls halfway of the track on the lake. Brewster's front wheels are spinning in the air and his back grinding to stay on the track. Decka drives by and sees Brewster and she quickly couples to him and he thanks her. While Decka drives by Vee she stops her and days she will award her a gold wheel and Decka is now famous for saving a trainee from rusting in a lake. Decka is so excited and she tells her tram friends from Tootington that she is the new Vee and she can tell the chuggers what to do. Decka becomes rude and tells everyone what to do. She tells Frostini that she will have Harrison take his load. She doesn't know where he is so she blows it off. She tells Olwin that Skylar will use his crane to break the landslide that she is in. Skylar is training the trainees so she leaves Olwin stuck. Irving asks Speedy how the dock manager was and Speedy asks what he means and they find out that Koko did it. Koko says sorry and Vee tells Decka she is no longer a star because it was Koko's fualt. Decka tells her no and says " I am in charge of everything so NO!" Decka is driving and she falls on a broken track and is about to fall of the ravine of Border Bridge. Calley arrives back from her vacation and helps Decka. She tells Vee she is sorry and she forgives her.


  • Brewster
  • Decka
  • Vee
  • Olwin
  • Koko
  • Skylar
  • Irving
  • Speedy McAllister
  • Harrison (mentioned)
  • Wilson (cameo)
  • Hoot and Toot (cameo)
  • Mtambo (cameo)
  • Frostini
  • Decka's Friends (mentioned not named)


  • Only trainees are able to earn gold wheels
  • Why would Brewster be out by the lake if the trainees weren't allowed of the depot.

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