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  • JRCS

    We move onto the second monthly poll blog. Apologies for not setting up a poll last month. I was a bit tired at the start of the month ans before I knew it, we were half way through the month, so I decided to let it go on to next month. It actually worked quite well, because we had more voters then ever.

    This month's poll was about the Animation of Chuggington. Chuggington is known for it's bright, detailed, but also unrealistic animation. People normally comment about the chuggers jumping off the rails and how bright everything looks. So I wanted to know your opinions.

    1. Bright, colourful and attractive - 54/84 votes
    2. Strange and scary - 13/84 votes
    3. =Undetailed and unrealistic - 6/84 votes
    4. =Different but satisfying - 6/84 votes
    5. Simple and effectiv…

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  • JRCS

    Best of Chuggington - Results

    September 29, 2013 by JRCS

    Today, Chuggington is celebrating 5 years since airing it’s first episode, Can’t Catch Koko! In August I asked you three questions to find out the best of Chuggington. We got some very interesting results.

    1. Snowstruck Wilson – 4 of 16 votes or 25%
    2. Frostini’s Meltdown – 3 0f 16 votes or 18%
    3. = The Chugger Championship – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Brewster to the Rescue – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Old Puffer Pete’s Firebox – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Chug of War – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Next Stop Space – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Rolling Reporter Wilson – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Hodge Can’t Wait – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Wobbly Wheels – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
    • = Brewster’s Crane Training – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%

    So in first place is Snowstruck Wilson with a…

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  • JRCS

    Poll Result – August 2013

    September 1, 2013 by JRCS

    I’m going to start posting the results on a Blog. It’s good to use the Wikia’s Features to their fullest use.

    So this month’s question was: Should new Chuggers be introduced every new season? And here are the results.

    1. Four or more Chuggers per season – 28 votes /46.67%
    2. Two or three Chuggers per season – 19 votes/31.67%
    3. Only one Chugger per season – 6 votes/10%
    4. Only in Chuggington Specials 4 votes/6.67%
    5. No – 3 votes/5%

    Now originally, I voted for one chugger per season. But I then changed my vote to only in Chuggington Specials because I found out that they will be the Series premiers.

    I honestly thought that Four or more Chuggers per season would be the last option, and Two or three Chuggers per season would be second last. If four or more chugger…

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  • JRCS

    Hello Chuggington fans and Wikia users, in one month, Chuggington will be celebrating 5 years since the airing of its first episode on BBC Two. This episode was Can't Catch Koko all the way back on 29th Spetember 2008. To celebrate, I'm going to put a poll together to see which is your: a) Favourite Episode. b) Favourite Season and c) Your favourite Character. These polls wont include developments in Season 4 as it is yet to finish airing and it wont create a fair result.

    Please choose your answer carefully and please don't pick the top or most popular option. Remember to vote in all three questions.

    Poll Closed

    Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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  • JRCS

    Wiki Expansion Project

    October 5, 2012 by JRCS

    Hello Chuggington Wikia users. This Wiki has been open for 3 years now and I think it is time that we get some more users. I've already sorted it out so that our Wikia appears on the main page sometimes. That has helped us get more views (We used to get 500-1000 views. But now we get 1000-2000 views per day) But we need more users So the admins have decided that we want to get our wikia spotlighted.

    Our wikia complies with of the 'best practises' section, except from one.

    • The wiki should have at least 200 content pages, not counting stubs. Very short articles (less than about 300bytes; listed at Special:Shortpages) and articles marked with a stub template should make up no more than 1/5th of all pages on the wiki.

    Even though our wikia has over…

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