I’m going to start posting the results on a Blog. It’s good to use the Wikia’s Features to their fullest use.


So this month’s question was: Should new Chuggers be introduced every new season? And here are the results.

  1. Four or more Chuggers per season – 28 votes /46.67%
  2. Two or three Chuggers per season – 19 votes/31.67%
  3. Only one Chugger per season – 6 votes/10%
  4. Only in Chuggington Specials 4 votes/6.67%
  5. No – 3 votes/5%

How did I vote?

Now originally, I voted for one chugger per season. But I then changed my vote to only in Chuggington Specials because I found out that they will be the Series premiers.

What did I think of the winning option?

I honestly thought that Four or more Chuggers per season would be the last option, and Two or three Chuggers per season would be second last. If four or more chuggers were introduced each new season, in 5 years, we would have 20 chuggers and considering that there are only 26 episodes, (14 at the least). There just wont be enough air time for every chugger. There are currently 26 chuggers in Chuggington. If we took a similar show, Thomas and Friends for example. Thomas has had 17 series and if Chuggington were to have 4+ new chuggers every series, they would have 104 chuggers by there 17th series. Sticking to one chugger per season would leave us with 39 chuggers, which is better, but still too many.

Why do I think this option won?

In my opinion, this option would have won because people like seeing new characters, and if people like seeing new characters, they would choose the option that has the most characters.

Other news

  • Remember to vote in our new monthly poll about Chuggington’s Animation. It also has three polls.
  • Please comment and discuss!



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