• ThatsSoWeird

    At this point, I am feeling like Mayor Pullman in the episode Brewster Meets the Mayor.

    First off, my name is ThatsSoWeird, or you may know me as thomastrain132 from YouTube. I have just been given the administration of the Chuggington wiki. I am so pleased of this. Once I find out how to make others admins as well, I will do so for some certain people. Maybe someone can tell me how.

    I have started off with an amazing background, new theme and title, spam pages and pictures deleted, bad users blocked, and chat OPEN!

    I hope you will all follow the rules, and if not you will recieve a blocking.

    So I hope to all of you that you have a traintastic day, because the Chuggington wiki is no longer owned by an inactive user, but but by someone who loveā€¦

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