(The Title to this blog stinks but I cannot change it) I came to give my opinoin and view about Thomas the Tank Engine and Chuggington, and share an idea of a new train show, only I wasn't sure where to talk about this, I wasn't sure I should have posted it on this or not so I'm posting a blog about it. If you know where this should have been posted, please let me know.

Don't worry, this is not a hate message, there are some positive things in this, but I am expressing some things I wish were on both Thomas and Chuggington, and suggesting a new animated train show. I am going to sound like a critic, and nobody likes a critic, so a lot of you are not going to like this message.

I do like "Thomas the Tank Engine," well I actually prefer "Thomas and Friends," the show with the "They're 2 they're 4, they're 6, they're 8...," because the characters actually talk and move, not just have a narrator saying everything, and I like to see the characters mouths move, I also like Thomas', the "cheeky one's" voice, in fact, and I know I'm not the only one, Thomas is my most favorite of all the engines.

I also do like Chuggington but not all that much. I'm not sure which one I like better, Thomas or Chuggington. Thomas seems to take place more back in the olden days, like back in the 1920s-40s, while Chuggington is more modern.

Although I like these two shows because they have to do with trains, and I'm a huge rail-fan and like almost anything trains, there's something missing to me in both series. But how do I explain it? And I want to keep this to the point because I tend to write long messages and say more than I need to or mean to.

I've been watching Thomas the Tank Engine since I was in 4th grade (1995,) but didn't see Thomas and Friends until 2012. And I like the setting, not really the time but the place and how the show is physically designed, be nice to take a trip to Sodor Island. And looks to have a British/ U.K. touch to it (I've never been to England but I lived in Germany and saw and rode the trains there, in fact that's where I started watching Thomas when it was on Cartoon Network. I also like the railroad crossings, well, that there are railroad crossings in Thomas the Tank Engine, that's my most favorite thing about trains and railroads, admittedly I have a bit of an obsession with them. Though they are accurate and true to the show, I kind of do wish the crossings (called "Level Crossings,") had different warning devices, like bi-striped gates that go down and back up, I prefer those to the gates that swing like doors, and flashing light signals. Well, that's just my opinion and that's what my fan art is for. But other than that, Thomas is a cool show.

I did hear about Chuggington in 2010 but didn't start watching it until summer. And I was longing to watch the cartoon (I didn't want to until I was emotionally ready) and excited to. It's so great to have another train-based cartoon show in addition to Thomas. However, to be honest, this cartoon wasn't what I thought it would be or expected it to be and is not much better than Thomas. What I don't like about Chuggington, there are no railroad crossings like I thought and hoped there'd be. Mind you, this is all just my opinion, none of you have to agree with me, this is all just my personal opinion and I don't expect everyone to agree with me.

Well, actually there are railroad crossings, but they are foot-crossings, and at least they come with gates, which are black and yellow, and that's better than nothing. That's as close to railroad crossings as we're going to get on Chuggington. But I thought people would travel by car and by train in that show, but nobody travels by car, just train. 

I mean I like trains more than automobiles and rail-travel more than car travel, but I like having both, not just one or the other, otherwise, you cannot have crossings if you just have one and not the other, even just trains but no vehicular traffic, and it's almost pointless, "almost," being the keyword. Though I like trains and railroad tracks, it looks like too much railroad track, even for me.

But I am thankful there is some kind of railroad crossing in Chuggington, even if it's just for pedestrians and at least they come with gates, which go up and down like real and modern railroad crossing gates. And they're black and yellw striped (I prefer red and white but black and yellow is my second favorite stripe, I prefer it to black and white stripe.) This is a picture of such, look to the right of the picture p02cc6l1.jpg 

No crossbucks, no signal lights, no bells, just gates, but that's okay because I like the gates more than anything else on railroad crossings. And for that I should be grateful and am. (I was just looking through the images and found this, it's not a crossing but it has the kind of gates I like

And if there's anything else do like about Chuggington, I do like the lighted railroad signals, something Thomas doesn't have (they use semaphores, an older type of railroad signal, which is also cool but I like color-light signals better.)

I also like the design of the tracks on Thomas better than on Chuggington, I mean there's nothing wrong with the tracks used in Chuggington, but I prefer the tracks seen on Thomas, they're more realistic, the rails, cross-ties, and rock-like bed. I also like the character design better in Thomas than I do in Chuggington.

Don't get me wrong, I do like Chuggington, but I just cannot seem to like it that much. Okay I admit it, I'm dissatisfied and wish Chuggington was more than what I expected it to be, but I know it's not going to be. And I'm sorry if I was rude or disrespectful to the makers of Chuggington, like I said, this was just my opinion.

Something else I wish was on Chuggington, more passenger rail. I mean there is Emery, and also Hanzo Another thing to admit, I haven't watched every Chuggington episode and do need to so maybe I'm speaking too soon. I like passenger rail more than freight rail but do like having both, whether they share track or travel on separate track.

I would like a new animated train series show like Thomas and Friends and Chuggington (using anthropomorphic trains/ locomotives, and maybe cars like in the Thomas series). I don't know if I want it to be more like Chuggington or more like Thomas and Friends, but I would like the characters to talk by themselves, not just have an unseen narrator doing all the talking. I'd also like it to be more American-based, well North-American-based, U.S. and or Canadian, but it can be Europe or British based too, or even Australia-based or Asia-based (Chinese, Korean (like Tayo the Little Bus, which I also enjoy,) Japanese, Russian, etc. but in Western Animation style) but I prefer a North-American based cartoon train series. And I prefer it took place in the modern times (2000-now)

And, you guessed it, I'd like there to be railroad crossings in this show, including vehicular crossings like in Thomas the Tank Engine, but like Chuggington, with bi-striped gate arms that go up and down, and prefer red and white. And I'd like them accompanied by flashing and ringing railroad crossing signals. This is basically my criteria:

Preferred crossing signal type


Preferred crossing gates:

I prefer signals that look like or almost like those, but I'll also take other types of signals like used in the U.K. and gates like used in Germany. And would like it if the gate arms had lights on them too but they don't have to have lights on them.

This video shows a good animated crossing gate signal

But not just railroad crossings in the show but other things everyone, or almost everyone would like. It's just my wish to have a new train show in addition to Thomas and Friends and Chuggington. If I could, I'd make such a cartoon myself, and it would definitely include railroad crossings/ level crossings, and I'd feature them in several episodes, not just one or a few.

Thing is, if I were to make such a cartoon, it cannot just be about what I want, it has to include other things too that others will want to see, and I'd have to come up with plots, good story structures, and other things that come with making and running a cartoon show, but I'm no cartoonist. So the only thing to do is hope somebody creates such a train show, which likely will never happen.

I, of course, do want more than crossings, just about anything else included in Thomas and Friends and Chuggington or anything that would have been included in a show about trains: Train yards, train stations, signals, harbors, sea ports, switch-tracks, train masters, even like Sir Topham Hat, bridges, tunnels, inclines, etc. And of course there should be both freight trains and passenger trains and passenger train rides. And steam, diesel, and perhaps electric locomotives with overhead wires, catenary or not, should be included, or trains similar to Emery, or similar to Subway trains and the El-Trains used in Chicago. high speed rail, bullet trains, and mono-rail can be included too but I prefer at-grade trains as done in Thomas and in Chuggington.

The show should also be about friendship, team-work, cooperation, etc.

So though I do like Thomas the Tank Engine/Thomas and Friends and Chuggington, and there's also "The Little Engine that Could," "Dinosaur Train," and "The Choo Choo Bob Show (live action, not animated), I do wish there was an animated train show that had what I just described and listed.

And it should be TV-Y rated or TV-Y7 rated, or maybe TV-G, but it should be a little kid show.

That's about all I can think of. I know this seems petty and it did seem like I was whining and complaining, and I was critical, especially about Chuggington, but I hope I did say some positive things and hope some of you will agree with this. And I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone.

Thanks for reading.

Chuggington and some Thomas videos are currently included on Netflix.

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