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  • Class: EMD F-unit
  • Gender: Male

Wilson is a Diesel. He is currently an advanced trainee and works at Chug Patrol. He is considered the main character of the programme.


Wilson is a lively, mixed-traffic engine with lots of enthusiasm, but this eagerness isn't always matched by his ability to pay attention to instructions, so he often finds himself in deep water. For example, he may pay attention to the dispatch board to see which tunnel to take, but as he emerges on the other side, he realizes that he forgot to listen to where he's supposed to be going! He also isn't very good at concentrating and can lose focus from something as small as a butterfly. Wilson sometimes gets frustrated that he's not as strong as Brewster or as fast as Koko, but he just doesn't fully understand his own special talents yet. Wilson has lots of confidence in his everyday surroundings, but is suddenly unsure when presented with something new or unfamiliar. In season 4, he joined Jackman and Calley in the Chug patrol.


Wilson is based on the EMD F3, an American Railway Diesel.


  • He can be considered the main character of the series, as he is featured most prominently in episodes and products. To add, the boxes of merchandise are normally red like him.
  • His role model is Harrison. However. when Wilson tries to be like him (usually when he sees him), he ends up off the tracks or in trouble.
  • He appreciates the work of Frostini, Wilson would sometimes be his assistant and wants to be like him when he grows up.
  • He also says he wants to be like Action Chugger.
  • He can easily be distracted by butterflies.
  • In Hebrew his name is דנדון.
  • Wilson wants to be like the Chuggers with cool jobs.
  • He makes mistakes alot causing him to feel foolish.
  • Wilson feels foolish often.

Voice Actors

  • Morgan Overton (UK Season 1-3)
  • Edward Sharpe (UK Season 4)
  • Tony Terraciano (US)



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